New Press

1.The ID-340 is EM4001 format 125KHz tags

and is encapsulated for environmental protection.

New Products

1.The ID-22 is a 9v C 27v low power industrial probe reader for popular EM4001 format 125KHz tags and is encapsulated for environmental protection.

2. Low Power module, the ID-12LP that draws less than 1mA. The LP series are ideal for environmentally sensitive building applications.

3.A Micro-Power module, the ID-12uP that draws an unbelievable 5A at 3v.

4.A Stand-alone reader module with internal memory for 48 cards, the ID-12LA-SA

5. An HID-EM Dual system Module for 125khz, the new ID-12LA-HE

6. An ISO11785 module for 134khz, the ID-12LA-ISO

7. The amazing Ix5 Anti-collision Reader that can simultaneously read up to 5 EM4001/EM4100 cards with super range, up to 100cm

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ID Innovations company motto is "Better By Design"------ and we mean it!

ID-Innovations products are simply better, better in read range, better in power consumption and in size for performance.

We market ISO/IEC 18000-2 ISO/IEC 18000-3 readers:


-The World's longest range 125Khz reader.

-The World's smallest 125Khz reader.

-The World's lowest power 125Khz reader.

-The World's longest range ISO11785 reader.

-The World's only anti-collision 125Khz EM4001/4100 reader.

-The World's only long range dual HID/EM card reader.

-The World's longest range reader for HID cards.

-The ISO14443A/B ISO15693 13.56Mhz readers.

-Low Power Industrial RFID Probe Reader.


We must be doing something right

We innovate by challenging accepted thinking and that is why we believe we deserve our motto C Better by Design.

We service the world with dealers in Asia, America and Europe.
"Design is the key to a successful product"
Our Design Team
Our team is headed by George Powell our chief engineer and managing director. George has worked for us for over ten years. His experience in 125KHz blue-sky research is unparalleled. We are a dynamic design team that not only keeps up with technology, we set the pace. As you go through our web just take time to see how many world firsts you notice. From the smallest reader module to the reader with the most range we are setting our own standards of performance. The team has a common target, innovate, perfect and market. We enjoy our position as the leading innovator of 125KHz technology and enjoy our work.


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