New Products

1.The ID-22 is a 9v C 27v low power industrial probe reader for popular EM4001 format 125KHz tags and is encapsulated for environmental protection.

2. Low Power module, the ID-12LP that draws less than 1mA. The LP series are ideal for environmentally sensitive building applications.

3.A Micro-Power module, the ID-12uP that draws an unbelievable 5A at 3v.

4.A Stand-alone reader module with internal memory for 48 cards, the ID-12LA-SA

5. An HID-EM Dual system Module for 125khz, the new ID-12LA-HE

6. An ISO11785 module for 134khz, the ID-12LA-ISO

7. The amazing Ix5 Anti-collision Reader that can simultaneously read up to 5 EM4001/EM4100 cards with super range, up to 100cm

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IX5--- The iX5 is an EM4001/EM4100 anti-collision reader that simultaneously reads multiple cards. Strictly speaking it is a collision reader because it reads all the cards at the same time. Contrary to popular conception this is not impossible, just damn difficult, and we do it using DSP processing. What is more, it is blazingly fast because it reads all the cards simultaneously not one at a time like anti-collision readers. Neither does the iX5 require special anti-collision cards or waste read time with arbitration, in fact no other 125KHz multi card reader can read three cards in just 40mS. Ideal for conveyor belts, logistics and other long range readers where signal data collisions are unavoidable. Read ranges up to 80cm are possible.

UP--- The uP reader is an extraordinary low power reader requiring just 5micro amps at 3volts. Most low power reader will run for minutes/hours on a watch battery, in contrast the ID-12uP will run for years on a watch battery. For larger lithium batteries the major consideration will be the shelf life of the battery. Specially useful with radio links, door locks, tool box locks, low power and portable readers.

SA--- The ID12-SA reader has all the functionality for a stand alone reader, including door sensing and can be used with 38 different tags and no controller/computer is required. Ideal for domestic and small company use. For non-stand alone applications it also features a computer interface that can validate or invalidate cads and can remotely control 2 individual door strikes and has a choice of 3 separate interfaces, namely a sophisticated polled interface, a simple interface and a test interface.

HE--- The ID-12HE is a dual system reader module for HID and EM cards and is especially useful when integrating ME and HID card systems. It is also useful for changing over from to another of these systems offering zero down time. It features read ranges of up to 6cm for HID and 12cm for EM cards.

IX6--- The iX6 is a long range dual reader system for HID and EM cards offering the longest HID read range anywhere, including HIDs own long range Indala readers. Read ranges of up to 80cm for HID cards and 100cm for EM cards are possible. Note, not available in Asia.

Probe Reader---The ID-22 probe Reader is a 9V C 27V low power industrial probe reader for popular EM4001 format 125KHz tags and is encapsulated for environmental protection. Read ranges of up to 18cm are possible with ID-Innovations long range cards and up to 28mm with 13mm glass tags. The ID-22 features ASCII, Wiegand26, and Magnetic ABA Track2 output formats. The ID-22 provides solutions for industrial control and logistics.

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