New Products

1.The ID-22 is a 9v C 27v low power industrial probe reader for popular EM4001 format 125KHz tags and is encapsulated for environmental protection.

2. Low Power module, the ID-12LP that draws less than 1mA. The LP series are ideal for environmentally sensitive building applications.

3.A Micro-Power module, the ID-12uP that draws an unbelievable 5A at 3v.

4.A Stand-alone reader module with internal memory for 48 cards, the ID-12LA-SA

5. An HID-EM Dual system Module for 125khz, the new ID-12LA-HE

6. An ISO11785 module for 134khz, the ID-12LA-ISO

7. The amazing Ix5 Anti-collision Reader that can simultaneously read up to 5 EM4001/EM4100 cards with super range, up to 100cm

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2013 ID-3LA, ID-12LA, ID-20LA, which is for lower range support. ID-3/12/20uP series which only consume for the power.
2012 ID USB series reader module.
2011 IX5 as the first Anti-collision reader for normal EM4001 compatible cards and this has been patent at the same year.
2010 ID-125HE which is a long range reader for EM and HID compatible.
2009 ID-2/12/20 standalone reader
2008 ID-240DSP ISO 11784/11785
2007 13.56Mhz ID-20MF-WR was launched
2006 ID-130 ISO11784/11785
2005 ID-180 external antenna with super reading range.
2004 ID-125,ID-130
2003 ID-70 ID-100 ISO11784/11785
2002 ID-12 ID-20 ID-40 EM4001 reader
2001 ID-0,ID-10 Pico-max tiny modules


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