New Products

1.The ID-22 is a 9v ¨C 27v low power industrial probe reader for popular EM4001 format 125KHz tags and is encapsulated for environmental protection.

2. Low Power module, the ID-12LP that draws less than 1mA. The LP series are ideal for environmentally sensitive building applications.

3.A Micro-Power module, the ID-12uP that draws an unbelievable 5¦ÌA at 3v.

4.A Stand-alone reader module with internal memory for 48 cards, the ID-12LA-SA

5. An HID-EM Dual system Module for 125khz, the new ID-12LA-HE

6. An ISO11785 module for 134khz, the ID-12LA-ISO

7. The amazing Ix5 Anti-collision Reader that can simultaneously read up to 5 EM4001/EM4100 cards with super range, up to 100cm

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The founder and chief engineer

Mr. George Powell founded ID Innovations and has been our Chief Engineer as of 2002.

¡°The products he has designed have been likened to beautiful artworks, although he himself likens design work to philosophy. Only another engineer would really understand that.¡±


Going back to his early career, George started work at the AEI advanced development research center in Blackheath, historically known for ground breaking radio transmissions to France, and was later transferred to the GEC Hirst research center at Wembley where as the saying goes the pay is poor but it is an honor to work there. Following that he worked on airport noise monitors at Omega labs and then automated TV production at ITT. He then started a security company but this entered into voluntary liquidation and he started work again as a design engineer for GMC (electronics), not the car giant, working on security apparatus. He recalls this was an interesting period when he met spies and high ranking defense personnel. Shortly after this he partnered in Advanced Electronic Developments ltd(AED), and designed a novel signal monitoring unit which GCHQ have bought in numbers.

George then founded a consultation company. One of his clients asked him to design an RFID reader, which he presented to the client in two versions, one which was very good but rather expensive and the other which was simple and cheap. His client did not want to pay out for the ¡®Rolls Royce¡¯ version as they put it, leaving George with time spent on an excellent project with no return so, he decided to market the design himself. Hence ID Innovations was born. His RFID designs have been copied the World over.

George has several patents in RFID, the first was in partnership with Hanex, formally Haneda in Japan. He and Fujio Semba, Hanedas¡¯s principal, patented a design for anti-collision tags.

Anti-collision, the process where several RFID tags in a common inductive field may be read simultaneously, has fascinated George and he has recently patented a new reader, the IX5, that manages to read normal tags as if they were anti-collision by using DSP signal analysis to resolve the individual tags.

His contribution to RFID is impressive. So far, ID Innovations claims the World¡¯s longest range cattle tag reader, the World¡¯s first dual system HID/EM long range reader, has patented the World¡¯s lowest power reader (15uW) and the World¡¯s smallest reader.

Apart from his strong RFID technical background, Mr. George Powell has also focused on automatic quality control testing to very high standards, as comprehensive as industrial IC testing, to achieve high performance and high reliability RFID products. His RFID modules have been referred to as ¡®bombproof¡¯. Something George found very satisfying.

ID Innovations company motto is"Better By Design"

----- and we mean it!

ID-Innovations products are simply better, better in read range, better in power consumption and in size for performance. We market the World's longest range 125Khz reader, the World's smallest reader, the World's lowest micro-power reader, the World's longest range ISO11785 reader, the World's only anti-collision EM4001/4100 reader and the World's only long range dual HID/EM card reader which also happens to be the World's longest range reader for HID cards. We must be doing something right. We innovate by challenging accepted thinking and that is why we believe we deserve the our motto ¨C better by design.
We service the world with dealers in Asia, America and Europe.


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